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Monday, November 10, 2014

Google + is history

I have left google + because of unfair restrictions 

As of this date I'm no longer with google + , It would seem like they don't like my Satanist blogs . They  say I promoted Hate Speech  which  I don't think  I did .  Yes I post both Dawkins  and Hitchen  but they have groups  on Google + 

I was always careful  to mark the material  as  non-christian or Anti-church  something in the labels  to tell  people this might not be suited  for them  I also only posted links  in the respected  communities.  

As for my anti-government blog  I posted nothing but blogs and links  to either conspires  or know government truths . Yes I look for dark stories but it time the sheep woke up and saw our government for what it really is . 

Will  i continue to blog yes  I will ,  will it be a roses and smell and make you happy  not always . i think the people who read me understand not everything is sunshine and light .There is a darkside  and you owe it to yourself to see , learn from it  and  think.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Brainwashing America

Fahrenheit 911 Full Movie ( مترجم )


ABOVE TOP SECRET: UFOs, Nikola Tesla, Free Energy and Antigravity Techno...

Uploads from darkjournalist

Missing 411 Documentary (Bigfoot)

Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Dark Side of JFK: How Kennedy's Reckless Personal Behavior Imperiled...

Joseph P Farrell, Cosmic War, Part 20

Back to the Dark Ages

Alaska Monsters | Season 1 Episode 1 | Central Alaska’s Bigfoot

The Famous Little Red Book That Makes Your Dreams Come True! (Law Of At...

Connie Evingson - Until

Paris Jazz Café - 150 minutes of wonderful easy listening Jazz, Be Bop &...

Coast To Coast AM - August 30, 2014 Time Anomalies

UFO LEAKED 2014 - The New Area 51 - Full Documentary (NEW+ 2014)

Dreamland: Too Many People Are Missing - The Story Behind The Story! 4-1...

David Paulides Strange Disappearances 9-29-2013

Bigfoot Hotspot Radio EP50 Bigfoot encounter stories Wrap Up

Friday, October 24, 2014

UFOs Best Evidence Government Cover-up - FREE MOVIE

Christine McVie: In the Meantime (2004)

Tony Robbins Living Your Purpose & Winning at the Game of Life

Top Tracks for Neil Diamond

Barbra Streisand - HD STEREO - Memory - CC for lyrics

Barbra Streisand

2014 October 8 Breaking News Bible Prophecy Current Events in motion lea...

Top Secret Files: Roswell Top Secret - FREE MOVIE

Lost Realms - Zecharia Sitchin - FREE MOVIE

Jim Rohn The Day That Turns Your Life Around Audiobook

Goals | Zig Ziglar audiobook full

How to Talk to Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere The Secrets of Good Communicat...

John Maxwell - The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership - Audiobook Full

MUST LISTEN* Think And Grow Rich - Napoleon Hill CLEAR FULL AUDIO

Warning: This Might Shake Up Your Belief System... Can you handle this?

Listen..This Will Change Your Life - The Strangest Secret

The Root of All Evil - The Virus of Faith (full length)

Richard Dawkins


The Thinking Atheist Podcasts

The Dead Sea Scrolls: Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio

The Gospel of Thomas: Origins, History & Spiritual Teachings

Debunking Bible Inerrancy: Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio

TTA Podcast 137: Who Invented Jesus? (with Dr. Robert M. Price)

TTA Podcast 134: A Manual For Creating Atheists (with Dr. Peter Boghossian)

Sam Harris - The End of Faith (Part 1-8)

Peter Boghossian - Jesus, The Easter Bunny and Other Delusions: Just Say...

"Faith: Pretending to know things you don't know" by Dr. Peter Boghossian

Thursday, October 23, 2014

The God Delusion

Uploads from Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science

The Shaman and the Jaguar (Full Documentary)

Christopher Hitchens on Freedom of Speech

Stevie Nicks - In Your Dreams (Full Album)

Sleep Aid #2 - Gentle Music & Soft Rainfall - 12 Hours - Sleep Relaxatio...

The Amazing Atheism Playlist

Conversations with History: Christopher Hitchens

Christopher Hitchens, still outrageous

American Atheists 09 - Richard Dawkins (w/ Q&A)

Why We Believe in Gods - Andy Thomson - American Atheists 09

The FBI Files: Deadly mission

Uploads from TexasHighDef

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Monroe institute

hemi sync concentration

Paul santisi hypnosis

Ancient Knowledge ( full video HD )

Killuminati - The Movie

DTM Nürburgring 2014 - Race (FULL/ENG/HD)

Crickets and Wolves 11 Hours -Sounds of Nature 29 of 59 - Pure Nature So...

90 Minute Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Release - Isochronic Binaural Beats

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Popular HowStuffWorks & Discovery Channel videos

Popular Investigation Discovery & Nightmare Next Door videos

Starship Size Comparison

WARNING! Extremely Powerful Multidimensional Self Connection - Download ...

Buddha Dreamer - 12 hours - Evocative journeys for relaxation and to ai...

Sacred Spirit - Sacred Earth Drums (Gordon, David & Steve) Full Album

Apache - (2004) Five Spirits [Full Album]

Powerful Mind Secrets

Adrian von Ziegler - Long

Monday, October 20, 2014

This  page is  about  Quantum  Brain Power  

Quarttum Brain power    Multi  items  

Man, Space and Time

Welcome  to  Man , Space  and Time  

We are first going to edge of  space  Our Universe or Many

Next  we are going to  see  the  The Next Big Bang

Next  is Time  is an  Illusion    NOVA The illusion of time

Next  are we real     Are We Real

Next  Powerful  Mind  Secerts   Mind Control and more

Science Faith and Religion with Lawrence Krauss and Co.

Lawrence M. Krauss (2014) "Universe from NOTHING!" [FULL]

Star Trek Sound Effects - Shuttlecraft Interior

SPACE ODYSSEY | Deep White Noise For Focus, Power Naps or Sleep | Sounds...

Celestial White Noise 10 Hours. Sleep Better, Reduce Stress, Calm Your M...

Study Music Alpha Waves: Relaxing Studying Music, Brain Power, Focus Con...

WARNING! Extremely Powerful Brainwave Binaural - Mind Control Power - Alpha

Celtic Multi-Albums Of Music

This is beautiful  relaxing music  and multi-albums  so enjoy

Here is the Albums   Celtic Magic   The music  enjoy

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Thunderstorm Sound 8 hours - Rain and thunder storm relaxation sleep sou...

What if the ufo's are real


Get  ready  to walk on the wild side  and things  here will make you think 

Our First  show will be on Alien Tech  2014   Alien Tech 2014

Our second Show is about a Our Government  Warehouses  Our government secrets 

Are aliens killing humans    MAYBE   NG Are Aliens killing  US

UFO  Black Ope              UFO Black ops


Rocks of the Reason Atheist broadcasts )

This  is  an convention  of  Atheists  Shows  and talks  

The first  talk  is Teresa  McBain  an ex minister  Teresa Mc Bain

The  second  talk  is  JT Eberhard     J.T. Eberhards

the  third  tape  is another  JT  Eberhard  Why god fails

The TTA New Shows

These  are new shows   

Debate  for reason    Reason debates

The  enternal  planner     (really)   The enternal planner

Athesim  and Sexuality     The show is personilty

Reason  of The  Rock    ( Live )  Seth Andrews Live

Nova Broadcasts PBS SHOWS

We are doing  a  few  NOVA Shows  These were aired on Public  Television  These may be known to a few of you  and something  new to others  

Show one  the earth  magnetic fiekd The Magnetic Field

Show  two   Monsters  of Outer Space   Black Holes

Show three  What about dreams       Dreams

The is  a  series  of   broadcasts   from NOVA  Various  Subject  NOVA SHOWS MULTI-Broadcasts

BBC Space Documentary - Red Star In Orbit: The Dark Side of the Moon

Secret Societies and Illuminati Documentary - Angels Demons and Freemasons

Saturday, October 18, 2014

8 Hour Deep Sleep Music: Delta Waves Sleep Meditation, Deep Sleep, Inner...

The Secret & The Law of Attraction by Wayne Dyer

Wayne Dyer How To Get What You Really, Really Want

Frank Kern] [Core Influence] How To Command People To Do Almost Anyt...

Tony Robbins. Starting Over. Living with Purpose

Anthony Robbins Total Self Confidence Part 1

Guided Meditation- Belief in Self

Walk on the wild side Multi Science Facts Maybe

This is a multi  shows  

There is a possible  start gate  the real star gate

Aliens  on the moon   Syi-Fi    Stange Thing on the moon

The Dark Side Of The Moon   BBC    What is there

UFO  TV  Season 1 Full Season Of Broad casts multi-shows

Relaxation Music & Meditation tools

This is the only  collections  you need  to relax  and go into yourself   for   relaxing  or sleep

                             Click here

Enjoy  this  blog   and  feel free to copy  the material  

The Music Of Adrain von Zigler

This blog will contain  3  pieces  of his  music  all  for the eveni ng time  soft wand easy   

Autumn Forest     This is  a 20 minute  

2 hours of Celtic relaxing music    very relaxing with some vocals 

Celtic Sleep and Dream Music    Very relaxing

Dark Matter Shows Art Bell

This  is  a few shows  toward  the  end of the shows

We  will  add shows  as i found  them  

Show 1 is about a UFO  Crash  in Ely Nev.  Dark Matter 1 UFO Crash In Ely Nv

Show 2  is the last   ghost  story  show    Spooky Matter 2013

Show3   Art Bell/Whitney Striber    I was abducted  I was abducted by Grays

Show 4    UFO/Encounters    Tim Good

Show 5   Paraphychology    Paraphycology

Beautiful Minds: Richard Dawkins

Stevie Nicks - The Wild Heart (Full Album)

Terrence Mc Kenna and other shows

We  share  Terence  Mc Kenna's last   Interview  and other shows  to  make you think  about 

This is his last  interview Tenence Mc Kenna

This is a tape  of   Tim Leary  and Terence  together  Fold The Rock

This tape  is  called   The edge of Magic

This  tape was done in SF's  good stuff  Dreaming in the End Times

I really hope  your view this and you are smart enough to understand  this materials

Has the Elusive Tazmanian Tiger Returned (Documentary)

Christopher Hitchens at the "Festival of Dangerous Ideas" FODI

Christopher Hitchens - The moral necessity of atheism [2004]

Heaven & Hell - The Devil You Know [Full Album]

Stevie Nicks - "Moonlight (A Vampire's Dream)" Official Music Video

Friday, October 17, 2014

Sounds Of Nature

Relaxing storm  sounds   for yoga   background  or sleep  

Tape  1    a multi-track  sounds of nature  Sounds Of Nature Rain Thunder and other

Tape 2   Jungle  Sounds     Jungle Sounds

Tape3    Anyone for the Beach   Beach Sounds

Tape 4   Rainforest  Sounds  Rainforest Sounds 11 hours

TTA Shows including The Mormons

Welcome  to the TTA  Shows   and other things  

Tape 1    It scares me       It's scares me

Tape 2    Bob Ripley  Minister  Deconversion  Bob Ripley

Tape  3     Dr. Peter  Boghossian  Manuel  of Atheissts   Manuel for Atheissts

Tape 4       The Mormons                    The Mormons Church

The science of the Universe

A meeting of a group of science  people   

tape 1   Carl Segan  Arthur  C Clarke   Steven Hawking A Meeting

tape 2    Cosmic   Quandaries     Neil   de Greess  Tyson   Cosmic Quads

tape  3    The Peotry  of Science   Richard Dawkins/ Neil de Gresss Tyson  A talk between men of science

Christopher Hitchens on Barack Obama The whole show

♪3 Hours Of Emotional Celtic Fantasy Music♪ (by Martin aka Epic Music Wo...

Christopher Hitchens' polemic against Henry Kissinger

Christopher Hitchens - Obama Is A Megalomaniacal Narcissist

Secret History of the Freemasons - Discovery Channel Documentary

UFO's File , Time Travel and crop circles walk on the wild side bonus Warewolves ,witches, and vampires

Is  this out  first  time around  ---Maybe  Not 

This tape number  1   from Atlantis Rising  Mag   Ancient Advanced Tech

Tape 2  is about   Crop  Circles    what causes them  Crop Circles

Tape 3   The Monica  Memories    Riencarmation  TYhe Monica Memories

Tape 4     Time Travel         Time Travel maybe this is true

Tape 5     Time Travel   *Astro  Projection    Time Travel astro projections

Bonus  Tape    Warewolves, Withes, and Vampires  Warewolves, Withchs, and Vampire

Christopher Hitchens on Ronald Reagan, War, the Media and Freedom of the...

What Did Bill Clinton Lie About? Christopher Hitchens on the Values of t...

Christopher Hitchens

            Welcome  to  the  new pages of Christoper Hatchens 

Tape 1  Christopher Hitchens   Christopher Hitchens Tape 1

Tape 2   Christopher Hitchen     Christopher Hitchens Tape 2

Tape 3   Christopher  Hitchens    Christoper Hitchens tape 3 02

Tape 4  Richard Dawkins/Christoper Hatchens  The meeting

Tape  5  His Last public  show     His last apperence

Tape   5   God's  is not  good       God is not great the book

The four  horsemen  Hatchiens /Dawson  and others The four horseman many clips

More  Hitchens   tapes   more information

The Most Twisted Minds

                        This is super  twisted  tapes  

Tape 1  Twisted Minds    Twisted Mind

Tape  2   Female Serial Killers  ( Most  Evil)  Females Serial Killers

Tape  3     A  Serial  Killer Sorcerer   The killer socerer

Tape  4    The Most Intelligent  Serial  Killer  Intelligent Murders

Tape 5   Journey  To  Evil      Charles Yang Crimes

Tape 6   Female  Child Killers  Beverly Alkit the killers

Unexplained Crime Solvers

                               Psychic   Crime  Solvers 

The  First  tape  is  Unexplained  Mysteries  Psychic Crimes Solive

The case  number 2   is in New Zealand   The New Zealand Affair

A Series  of Shows    of   Psychic   Shows   Multi Shows

To Catch A Serial   Killer   A CNN  Special  CNN Show To Catch A Serial Killer

More Haunter Historys Showa and More

                           Haunted   History  Shows  Pt 2 \

This  is a  group of paranormal  event s   most are  multi-shows 

The  first one is haunted  history  of  Hollywood  Hollywood Haunted

 The  history  of State  Maines   Hunted  History    Haunted Maine

The  haunted history   of the Cribbeinean         The Crabibean Haunted History

The  UFO Story   Unexplained  Mysterious     The UfO Shows

Edgar Cayee The new Age Prophet

                                   The  Edgar  Cayce  Story

This is  the  American  Nostradramus      He was born in 1897  and died in  1945  He was an Aries  (born on March 18th)    

Edgar Cayce Stories 

Also called the  sleeping  prohet


Unexplained Things Hunted Shows Conspiacies and the Amazon Cities

                        Unexplainied  Things    

This is a Series  of things that shouldn't happen  or  things  that unexplained  

So lets get started    

This  is tape one   Unexplained Things   Shows   Unexplained Things

This is  tape  two    Conspiacies      That is proven  things  Conspiacies That proven true

This is  tape 3   Cities of  The Amazon    Amazon Cities

This is the Hunted  TV Series            The Hunted Series multi-broadcasts

This show is called   in 14 degrees  14 degrees Show

Thursday, October 16, 2014

BlockBuster Ghost Paranormal Shows

BlockBuster Ghost   These are from Paranormal  Witness  Shows
Including the Queen Mary   1967-  2014  in Long Beach

Unexplained Mysteries - Paranormal America [HD] 22 broadcasts

Eight Unsolved Mysteries From Around The World

Scientists discover that atheists might not exist, and that’s not a joke

Scientists discover that atheists might not exist, and that’s not a joke  Yes  well  I'm still alive  and don't believe in trash

Welcome to the Police State /and remember this idiot Obama Can call it anytime

Welcome to the Police State. If your dumb enough  to think  That Bastard  Bush, Rumfield  , Chaney  . and the want to be Hitler  Ashcroft . Didn't take your rights  Think Again  

The  First  Tape  is about  Homeland  Security   Homeland Security The Bastards

The  Second  Tape  is  about Martial  Law  Martial Law and remember this idiot can call it anytime 

The 3rd tape  is  what your police have become Psychopathic Police

The  4th  tape  is   about police buttally  This is a fucking warning bastard, we are aware


Alert: FEMA CAMPS IN CAN/USA NOW!!Breaking News Mar. 2014


Startling Secrets of Exorcism and Demonic Possession [FULL DOCUMENTARY]

The Real Story of Exorcism and Exorcists (Full Documentary)

Unexplained Mysteries - Touched By an Alien [HD]

Unexplained Mysteries - The Unreal World [HD]

Unexplained Mysteries - Paranormal America [HD]

A Great Thinker Zecharia Sitchin

                                          Zecharia  Sitchin  

These are the interviews  of a great thinker  Zecharia  Sitchin  

His own video   His own Video

His book  the 12th planet  Book  The 12 Planet Book

The lost  book  of  Enki      The BOOK OF Enki

The Ends  Of  Days   Multi  Links   The Ends of Days

  Welcome to  the War  What I  did in the war  

Welcome to the LRRP'S   LRRP'S

This Is The Special  Forces  Operation Special Forces 

This  is  the  Special  Forces  Updated   Secret Operations

The Orginal  and The Best   I know I was  there  macvsog

This tape is about SNIPERS   Snipers /My ex Wife was one


                                Free  Thinking  Blog  

Multi-show  of  Skepkical  Movement  Free Thinking Blog

This  is a multi-shows   including   Dr.  Stephan  Hawkings   We will add more  so visit often  

Dark  Energy   and  a runaway  energy   Dark Energy

Growing Up in the Universe    Unverise Growth

The Four Horsemen   discsess   the  events The 4 Horsemen of Free Thinking

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Coast to Coast Shows Ebolla Time Travel Current Events

                                Coast  to  Coast  

The first  link  is  a show called  alternative  coast to coast  Alternative Coast To Coast

This  is the Oct 2nd  Show  with  Elbora  Show Oct 2nd Show Ebola Show Coast to Coast

This is  the Oct  09   Show   with   Current  Events  Oct 9th Coast to Coast Show

This  is the show  OCT1st   About   Ghost Hunting  Ocy 1st Ghost Hunting

This  is the Show about  Crime  In Las Vegas   Crime Stories /LasVegas