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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

This is about The New World Order

                                   NEW  WORLD  ORDER

This  is nothing new really  the no good Jewish  Bastards  have planed this for a long time .  To all sheep this may surprise you   but  look up  and study the material   It's  all a matter of record   and I included the Christian Point  View  

This is there history    There History

How  they use Mind Control   of  Television  Mind Control

Age of Deceit    Part 2    Age Of deciet part2

Population  Control       Population Control

Age of Deceit  Part 1  Age Of Deceit part 1

How  and why  to kill 1 billion people   Population2

The  power behind  the  NEW WORLD ORDER  How it runs and who pays for it

The  end  of The World      What what will happen this is very  worm  filled   material 

Welcome   to a training  tape   These bastards go public this is there training tape

This is a the planning  for  2014   The Plans for 2014

Welcome Bastards   we are here   Annoynous Vs The New World Order

This is the  2014/2015 Doc.UpdateAnnoymous new Docomentent

The Masons Connections    The Masons Connections

Bonus Tape   Cops Gone Wild   The Bastards goes crazy