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Monday, November 10, 2014

Google + is history

I have left google + because of unfair restrictions 

As of this date I'm no longer with google + , It would seem like they don't like my Satanist blogs . They  say I promoted Hate Speech  which  I don't think  I did .  Yes I post both Dawkins  and Hitchen  but they have groups  on Google + 

I was always careful  to mark the material  as  non-christian or Anti-church  something in the labels  to tell  people this might not be suited  for them  I also only posted links  in the respected  communities.  

As for my anti-government blog  I posted nothing but blogs and links  to either conspires  or know government truths . Yes I look for dark stories but it time the sheep woke up and saw our government for what it really is . 

Will  i continue to blog yes  I will ,  will it be a roses and smell and make you happy  not always . i think the people who read me understand not everything is sunshine and light .There is a darkside  and you owe it to yourself to see , learn from it  and  think.