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Friday, October 3, 2014

First Blog

Seth Andrews  is the  show is the Thinking Anthist  which com be found  on You Tube . It  is  one of the most  watched and veiwed . Do I  recommend  it  highly educational
Also  I use  both  Art Bell  Dark Matter  and Coast to Coast . We also have  Richard  Cutter
If your looking for christan  material  this may not  be  the site you  went to
The show of into a space  doctor  Thinking Athist This was so interesting  show
The second show  is about  Holy Hollywood   this is the link so take a look

On the subject of Art Bell  he's using his same guests  that he had  on  Coast to Coast  So this is sorta of a  catch  ups for some of us Linda Moulton Howe  Dark Matter   and we are going to post Arts  own site Art Bell  He  is off radio again but there a ton of material  available
Also check out  Coast to Coast Am