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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Satanist Page Material Updated

This blog is about  Satanists   Your see  interviews  from  Peter Gilmore  ,Anton , LaVey  and his daughter   as well as  parts of the satanist  bible  written by Le Vay  in 1969  and has sold over500,000 copies
Enjoy  the  Links  And Material
Peter Gilmore  interview
Zena LaVey and Nick Sheck  This is not a good tape   but it shows  some good point
Anton La Vey Early Interview   This is  a very interview
Why I'm a Satanist Interview   This is highly interesting
Anton Le Vey Last Interview  there are  very interested
Inside the church of Satan  This is an outside view
History of Satan    A  interesting  Show
The High Mass  The church of Satan
Sataists Interviews   This is  interesting
Album of the Mass  Anton La Vay
Dark Music Celtic   Interesting  to say the least
Satanists Hymn   LaVey  album
LaVey Interveiw very graphic beware  unknow date
Who is LaVey  unknown date
Satanist Exposed    This is a 2 hour show
This is a government view which is shit but tells you what law enforcement thinks
Peter Gilmore interview
TTA Boadcast   This is a series show s
Satan Bible part 1
40 years of the church   this is  a news   cast
Satan Bible  volume 5
Satan talks
Satan Interview 2
Satan Interview 1
Richard Dawkins   The milient Atheism  This is a TED  Show