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Saturday, October 4, 2014

The satanist church many data

Satanist Church    this is a 2 hour plus  tape  Listen to it  learn what we are about . I am a member of the church  and I'm going to add a lot links  so please  take you time and learn
Satanist Teaching   This is very interesting  please  listen  to this
Satanist Basics Peter Gilmore  The High  Prince  of the Church
Peter Gilmore / and TTA  This is and good  broadcast
This is a TTA Broadcast This explain  whaat we are all about
why I'm a satanist   This is an educational  program
We will  do  more blogs  covering this subject matters  After  you listen to this  all of this  you will  learn a lot
I become a satanist because  I can agree  with all the principles
Thank you
John Williamson