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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Alien Life

                             Aliens   Stories   

                       Frozen Moon   Bumper Music 

News   Health care worker  in DALLAS  Has  Ebolia  

This  is   a blog about  the  stories of  Aliens  and other  things  unexplained  

This is  link one   Aliens  On  Earth   Aliens On Earth

This  Is Link  2     Alien   Tech     Alien Tech

This  is  Link 3      Area  51  Guard   Talk   Area 51 Guards Talks

Dark Matter  Art Bell  /Dr  Roger Lear   Rager Lear

Dreamland    Close  Encounters  Of  The Fatal  Kind  Close encounters

Dreamlands   Abductees  Talk    Abductee Talk

Cabin Witness in NY   This  is  a 1981 program  

This is  a Jim Stevens   Talk   It's Claaifed so says the US Air Force